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What could happen when you're always around I'd name it Marla?

When it all started.

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So it's thursday. And usually I post some old ass pictures on my instagram and call it Throwback Thursday (like everyone else on there) And that is quite fun to do, because then you'll get to see how your favorite makeup gurus, or singer/bands looked a couple of years ago. And I though. That I will share the early Marla with you guys today!
Some of you may already know that they've changed their lineup quite a bit since they started in 2010, Although I didn't start to take photos of them until 2011.
And when They asked me to take these photos I haven't touched a SLR camera in years since my first broke down. So when I look back at these pictures I just see all the mistakes that I know that I've could done better..

And here are some unedited shots as well:


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