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Emmaboda Festivalen 2013

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Förra helgen stack jag, Leo och Tom iväg till emmaboda festivalen. Antagligen mest för att vi har varit där tillsammans varje sommar sen 2011, och för att FSU lite grand. Och eftersom vi hart sådan tur och känner några utav arrangörerna så fick vi en hel del UV färg att leka med under kvällarna. vilket vi även gjorde. Slutade upp med att vi hade sådan färg överall. Så vi får ju hoppas på att det går bort i tvätten!
åh just det, höll ju nästan på att glömma!
Vi stod i kön till Bubble tea ståndet, och helt plötsligt utbrister någon " Nej men det är ju du!" och börjar peka på Tom, varav jag, Tom och Leo står och blir väldigt förvirrade tills personen säger att han är ett fan av I'd name it Marla. och han blev lite extra glad när vi visade att Leo även var på plats! Så han fick sig ett litet klistermärke av oss och sen skulle han komma till campet.
Efter det så tror jag helt ärligt att Leos och Toms bakfylla släpptle lite, för dom var på fruktansvärt bra humör efter det!
Camera used here: Canon Digital Ixus 80 IS

Last weekend I l, Leo and Tom  went off to the emmaboda festival. Probably mostly because we've been there together every summer since 2011, and for FSU little. And because we are so lucky and know some people we got a lot of UV paint to play with during the evenings. It ended up with us having it everywhere on us! So let's hope it will go away in the washing machine!

oh yeah, I almost forgot!
We stood in the queue for Bubble tea wagon, and suddenly someone sayss " Oh no! it's you!" and starting point to Tom, And I, Tom and Leo got very confused until the person says he's a fan of I'd name it Marla. and he got a little extra happy when we showed that Leo also waswith us! So he got himself a small sticker from us and then he said he sould come to the camp.
After that, I think quite honestly that Leo and Tom hangover went away a bit, Because their mood was off the charts after that! 


A presentation

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It just struck me that I never introduced myself here yet. A little odd, given that I had this blog for a few months now. Well, well, sometimes it happens that you forget things.

Who am I?
My name is Emily, I'm 23 years old and currently lives in Kalmar.
I am currently working as a freelance  makeup artist and photographer and Beautyblogger.  Makeup and photography are my main interests. Beyond that, I have a small Chinese Crested named Denka (pronounced Dinka) as you may have seen somewhere here on the blog.

Why I chose to be a photographer for I'd name it Marla?
Well, I've always liked to photograph. But I had put it half on the shelf when the old set of I'd name it Marla came and asked me if I wanted to take some band pictures on them. I'm not one to say no. But I know they got to nag on me a while , I had not touched a camera in almost two years and I had to borrow one from a friend.
All said and done, I took the pictures. Then I got more and more questions if I could take pictures of them live , and then finally I was asked if I could accompany them out and take pictures when they play elsewhere than in Oskarshamn and Kalmar. And this is one of the most enjoyable things I've done in a really long time.

So when we were in Stockholm for the first time and would eat in some small kebabplace it hit me. I should start a blog. A blog where I can share with you if traveling band and I will do together, what restaurants that are good or bad, The shenaningans the band does all the time. Yes, lots of things I could share with me here. So all said and done. As fast as I got home I started the blog and started fiddling with it. And it is not perfect yet. for right now, it has only a temporary design. But it will be so much nicer then.

Unfortunately, I know that people do not agree with my way of thinking. They've gotten the idea that I'm self-proclaimed band photographer when it was the band who chose me in the beginning, and then keep on trying to get me to stop. Unfortunately, they probably so scared and unsure of themselves that they have to take it out on others. Because they are not really anything yet envious of what I have for example

And quite honestly?
I think like this: Those who make their way to bully is just so unsure of themselves that they are really doing is adding the anger , the energy they get from being jealous of others all the time and then goes around and press down other innocent people who have not done them anything. They should focus the  anger and the jealousy on themselves. For it is not my fault that Miss. Anonymous is not good enough at anything so she must take the first person and make  it in to her victim.
Most often they are doing it because they really want to do it to  himself.


Thank you! :)

We fucked shit up at Emmaboda festivalen!

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Throwback thursday - Högalidsfestivalen 2012

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This was the first gig they had after they got GB in on guitar, if I remember everything correctly. and this was last spring (2012)
so they have come a long way since then :)

FÄST 01/02 2013

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First video I filmed with my Canon EOS 60D  when I first got it in january.
and of course it was on a party with Marla :)

When it all started.

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So it's thursday. And usually I post some old ass pictures on my instagram and call it Throwback Thursday (like everyone else on there) And that is quite fun to do, because then you'll get to see how your favorite makeup gurus, or singer/bands looked a couple of years ago. And I though. That I will share the early Marla with you guys today!
Some of you may already know that they've changed their lineup quite a bit since they started in 2010, Although I didn't start to take photos of them until 2011.
And when They asked me to take these photos I haven't touched a SLR camera in years since my first broke down. So when I look back at these pictures I just see all the mistakes that I know that I've could done better..

And here are some unedited shots as well:

Solidens slott

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Leo och Tom var bakfulla, Så vi bestämde oss för att dra upp till Soliden och Borgholms slott och kika runt lite. Våran lilla vakthund var med också, och hon kissade även i Kungens trädgård. Och jag såg en Dinosaurie när vi var på väg till slottet men hann aldrig få en bild på det.Och Tom kämpade på med sitt brutna nyckelben. Stackarn lekte med en liten hund (inte vakthunden) och välte omkull så att han råkade bryta det, för dom som är nyfikna på varför han har blått band om axlarna.
Leo and Tom was hungover, so we decided to go up to Soliden and Borgholms castle and look around a bit. Our guard dog was too, and she also peed in the King's garden. And I saw a dinosaur when we were on our way to the castle but I never got a picture of itAnd Tom struggled on with his broken collarbone. Poor guy was playing with a small dog (not the guard dog) and fell so that he happened to break it, for those who are curious as to why he has blue stripes on the shoulders.





Jag vet inte vem det är som slösar mest tid av oss egentligen.

Jag som öppet försvarar det jag står för och verkligen tycker om, trots idioter.

Eller du som letar dig in på bloggen för att se om du har fått något svar eller inte, och sedan inte vågar stå för vad du säger iom att du är såpass feg att du inte ens kan säga vem du är.


Sorry you're not a winner
With the air so cold and a mind so bitter

So true!

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I should get one for my hard work

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I NEED this! I honestly think that the boys from Marla should get me one so I can poke it whenever I'm sad or angry!

This Is Hultsfred

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Thank you guys for this crazy weekend! Now I know how it feels to stand infront of everyone to take photos!
Much Love to all the people who was in out camp, The lovely guys from A hero Divine and of course my babies from I'd name it Marla! <3

This Is Hultsfred Camp - Part 5

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This Is Hultsfred Camp - Part 6

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This Is Hultsfred Camp - Part 4

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