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STHLM - Appartment

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The first gig outside Småland was in Stockholm where we spent the weekend, and I came up with the idea to this blog while eating some DELICIOUS falafel.
Anyway. these pictures are from the first night in Stockholm where we after a looooong ride decided to just chill in the appartment. nothing to fancy. not really rock n' roll as people might think. Just a simple appartment with mirrors IN the closets and a TRON shower. wich I unfortunately didn't take a picture of. But it looked awesome!

The view from the balcony.
Tom is not as hardcore as he might want to think he is. Super scared because of the height. And he was stupid enoug to stand on the furniture on the balcony.
Some nasty beer one of the members was drinking ._.
WB Waltsing around in the appartment..
 GB and Leo Chillin'