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What could happen when you're always around I'd name it Marla?

STHLM - First Blood!

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A little video that I forgot to share with you guys! Tom's chugging and Cryzz shows his arm :)


Wednesday Shenanigans

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Leo, Tom and I decided to make Kalmar unsafe this past Wednesday, because we got our money, and it was a very long time ago we just went out on pubs instead of having parties at home. KM, a pub in Kalmar had half off everything so we decided to go there. Ann because Tom knows the bartender he usually gets a mean long island ice tea, that is a full glass och liqeur and a splash of pepsi. And he got that five minutes before they're were closing. So we had to help him drink it up. And it wasn't tasty at all D:
And the quality of the pictures varys because I've used three different cameras this night!

The mean Long island ice tea when we've been drinking a bit from it.

STHLM - Random Videos

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STHLM - Broder Tuck

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STHLM - The Calm before the Storm

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After a loooong day in Stockholm with Tom and Leo we went to Broder Tuck where the band was going to play later that night. and these pictures that I will show you in a second is from before the gig, where all (well atleast a few) of our friends showed up and we started to drink a bit. it was fun. it was a small bar and I was surrounded with good and fun people. if you take away the waitress that probably had PMS or something like that. ugh.. whe annoyed everyone really..

" I do not always hang with the band, but when I do.. it's with Tom"...
Tom don't really know what to think about the cheaper beer the band got from the bar..
DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN A CAMERA!! Leo looks so scared ._.


STHLM - Appartment

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The first gig outside Småland was in Stockholm where we spent the weekend, and I came up with the idea to this blog while eating some DELICIOUS falafel.
Anyway. these pictures are from the first night in Stockholm where we after a looooong ride decided to just chill in the appartment. nothing to fancy. not really rock n' roll as people might think. Just a simple appartment with mirrors IN the closets and a TRON shower. wich I unfortunately didn't take a picture of. But it looked awesome!

The view from the balcony.
Tom is not as hardcore as he might want to think he is. Super scared because of the height. And he was stupid enoug to stand on the furniture on the balcony.
Some nasty beer one of the members was drinking ._.
WB Waltsing around in the appartment..
 GB and Leo Chillin'

Welcome to my new blog!

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 Hello! Some of you might know me from my other blog Trickmetolife. Where I post about makeup and such.
this is actually going to be a little sideproject. Some of you may already know that I am the band photographer for I'd name it Marla. And this will be a blog filled with the adventures that follows when you are friends with the band and what happens on tour and such. I will also give tips about food places, and maybe even awesome stores and pubs. Because you do find some weird/fun/awesome places when you're out on the road! Hopefully I will get some of the bandmembers to write some posts in this too, so it's just not always me! 
The blog will mostly be filled with pictures and random videos of the band and the places we visit. And also pictures that I will take on landscapes and such when we're on tour. I mostly did this to have an excuse to use my camera a bit more. An I think the fans will think it's fun also to be able to see what the band is up to when they're on tour or just having a gig in Kalmar/oscarshamn. And I hope that you will enjoy this and give support to the band :)