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STHLM - The Calm before the Storm

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After a loooong day in Stockholm with Tom and Leo we went to Broder Tuck where the band was going to play later that night. and these pictures that I will show you in a second is from before the gig, where all (well atleast a few) of our friends showed up and we started to drink a bit. it was fun. it was a small bar and I was surrounded with good and fun people. if you take away the waitress that probably had PMS or something like that. ugh.. whe annoyed everyone really..

" I do not always hang with the band, but when I do.. it's with Tom"...
Tom don't really know what to think about the cheaper beer the band got from the bar..
DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN A CAMERA!! Leo looks so scared ._.



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