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Welcome to my new blog!

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 Hello! Some of you might know me from my other blog Trickmetolife. Where I post about makeup and such.
this is actually going to be a little sideproject. Some of you may already know that I am the band photographer for I'd name it Marla. And this will be a blog filled with the adventures that follows when you are friends with the band and what happens on tour and such. I will also give tips about food places, and maybe even awesome stores and pubs. Because you do find some weird/fun/awesome places when you're out on the road! Hopefully I will get some of the bandmembers to write some posts in this too, so it's just not always me! 
The blog will mostly be filled with pictures and random videos of the band and the places we visit. And also pictures that I will take on landscapes and such when we're on tour. I mostly did this to have an excuse to use my camera a bit more. An I think the fans will think it's fun also to be able to see what the band is up to when they're on tour or just having a gig in Kalmar/oscarshamn. And I hope that you will enjoy this and give support to the band :)


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    Lycka till med din nya blogg!

    2013-04-22 | 22:14:34

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