Living with Marla

What could happen when you're always around I'd name it Marla?

Roaming the streets.

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After the Club dedication gig we headed out to the streets of Kalmar. With a bottle of Rum, Blueberry vodka and 7up Leo started to get mischievous, he accidently kicked an empty bottle of rum so It broke right on the streets, he then proceeded to try to take town a flyer with I'd name it Marla on. but it broke, so he decided to rip it all apart. On bistro he flapped his arms so much that he turned over a glass so the gueard had to come and ask him if that was nessasary. THEEEEN he ripped ALL my flowers apart that I was passing on several members of the gruop *sad kitty* Overall it was really fun :)


  • WB säger:

    haha, awesome pics Ems! :D

    Svar: tackar!

    2013-05-12 | 17:25:19

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