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What could happen when you're always around I'd name it Marla?


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So, We're back from an awesome weekend in Stockholm again, this time we were companied with A Hero Divine, who is just sick bastards just like I'd name it Marla.
After almost a two hour delay in Oskarshamn we were on our way to stockholm last friday, and I promise, Stockholm wouldn't be able to handle us while we were in the car. Me, Leo and Tom drove in WB's car while the rest wen't in Mickes. So we were drinking. And Listened to Günther slong with some other disturbing/awesome songs!
on Saturday we split up once again, because not all of us could fit in the "tour van" so Me, Tom, Leo and Grönberg took the metro in to Plattan, were we lates walked all the way to copperfield, where we supposed to meet the band and later go to Kronobergs parken that was just a stonethrow away, BUT they decided to go to Vasaparken that was 15 minutes more to walk for us, So my poor little foot hurts as I MF still. But hey. Becide the god awful humidity and the warmth it was fun :D


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